Africa-EU Ministerial Troika/Political Dialogue Meeting

AU African, European Union and African Union Commission experts are meeting in Malawi to prepare for a Ministerial meeting on Friday 19 November, which, in turn, will finalise preparations for the EU – Africa Heads of State and Government Summit to be held in Tripoli, Libya from 28th to 30th November 2010.

The experts are discussing summit documents especially the draft Tripoli Declaration and the 2nd Africa- EU Action Plan.

Today’s session was chaired by Ambassador Isaac Munlo, the Chairperson of the AU’s Permanent Representative Committee and Mr. Andreas Fischer Barnicol of the Africa Unit at the European Council. Also in attendance was Ambassador Emile Ognimba, the Director of Political Affairs at the African Union Commission and Mr. Roland Zinzius of the European Commission.

The first Africa- EU summit was held in 2000 in Cairo, followed by another in 2007 in Lisbon.  The engagement between the two continents aims to address issues of common concern.

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