Africa-EU Draft Agenda for Improving Public and Corporate Governance

Africa and Europe in Partnership On 24/25 October 2010 representatives from public institutions, civil society and the private sector from Africa and the EU informally met in Candenabbia, Italy, to exchange views on public and corporate governance.

They agreed that sustainable and inclusive growth as a prerequisite for poverty eradication in a globalised world requires continuous progress in the way that public authorities, non-State actors and private companies cooperate at local, country, regional and/or international level. Such cooperation needs to be based on clear division of tasks and transparent and fair principles. They underlined the need for innovative financial instruments to promote public-private partnerships and to facilitate access to credit for small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in a local and national context.

Their discussion led to the identification of stakeholder contributions to improve public and corporate governance for promoting sustainable and inclusive growth. They drafted key messages which could feed into the Africa-EU Summit in Tripoli next week.

Access the Draft Proposal for an Africa-EU Agenda for Improving Public and Corporate Governance here.

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