EU and Africa urge peaceful Sudan referendum

Reuters The European Union and African states urged Sudan’s government on Tuesday to accept the results of next year’s referendum on whether the oil-producing south of the country should secede. The Jan. 9 referendum, part of a peace agreement that ended decades of north-south civil war, is likely to produce a vote in favour of independence, diplomats and analysts have said, but it also could be a flashpoint for renewed conflict.

Concerns over the referendum were reflected in a declaration adopted at a summit of EU and African Union states in Libya.

“On Sudan, we emphasise the urgency and importance of ensuring that all elements of the CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) … are implemented in a timely, peaceful and credible manner, in particular the referendum on South Sudan whose results should be accepted by all,” it said.

The EU-Africa summit was the first in three years and was aimed at hammering out joint approaches between the two blocs on issues such as aid, trade, security and immigration.

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