Social protection for inclusive development: A new perspective in EU cooperation with Africa

ERD Despite Sub-Saharan Africa’s generally positive economic performance in recent years, poverty remains a huge concern, as does the region’s susceptibility to internal and external shocks. What can be done to protect existing gains, further combat poverty, and promote resilience to unexpected shocks?

Providing insights into and answers to these question is the focus of the second European Report on Development (ERD 2010).

The ERD 2010, “Social protection for inclusive development”, has officially been launched on 07 December 2010 at the European Development Days, in Brussels.

This year’s theme is a natural follow-on to ERD 2009’s focus on state fragility in sub-Saharan Africa and strategies for boosting the region’s resilience.

Supported by the European Commission and seven EU Member States, the ERD initiative seeks to enhance the EU’s perspective on development issues on the basis of independent knowledge excellence, innovation and enhanced bridges between top-level academics and policy-makers.

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