VENRO considers Africa-EU Summit a disappointing outcome

VENRO The Association of German Development Non-Governmental Organisations (VENRO) is disappointed over the outcome of the third Africa-EU Summit in Libya’s capital of Tripoli. No substantial results had been achieved regarding global warming or combating poverty. And VENRO deplores that the public has hardly taken notice of the Summit.

“The policy shift called for by civil society has not happened in the second Action Plan. Instead, conflict issues such as migration and free trade dominated the meeting,” said VENRO Vice Chairperson Christa Randzio-Plath.

Tripoli had certainly not helped strengthen the relations between African and European partners. This was reflected particularly in the EU’s unwillingness to make the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) development-friendly. “In no way does this do justice to a partnership at eye level,” Randzio-Plath stresses.

The Association had demanded that a special effort be made to boost support for rural regions. In addition, gender justice had to be promoted, and the role of women needed to be strengthened. In the run-up to the Summit, VENRO had published a catalogue of demands addressed to the German Federal Government and the European Commission.

The third Africa-EU Summit took place in the Libyan capital of Tripoli from the 29th to the 30th November. In 2007, both continents had adopted the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, the aim of which is a partnership at eye level.

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  • The VENRO projecct on the Joint Africa-EU Strtegy and its recent events and developments can be found here

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