New restoration project for Kenya’s Mau Forest complex

UNEP The European Commission, Government of Kenya and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are set to announce a major new partnership to assist in the restoration of part of the Mau Forest Complex. Concentrated in the northwestern region of the forest, the partnership – funded by the European Union – will secure the ‘ecosystem services’ provided by the flows of the Yala and Nyando rivers. These rivers are essential in providing drinking water; hydropower and securing revenues from tea and rice production and tourism. The total combined value of the Mau forest services is estimated at US$1.5 billion a year.

In recent years, the North western area of the Mau Complex, along with other areas of the forest, has seen significant degradation due to unsustainable use of forest resources. Part of the EU-backed project will help establish wood lots for the cooking needs of local residents alongside other critical measures.

The news comes as the EC/EU and UNEP also today announced a wide-ranging new strategic partnership to further sustainable development projects and a global transition to a Green Economy. Since 2004, the EC has provided some 50 million euros in funds for UNEP projects including pollution control, chemicals and biodiversity conservation.

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