Experts Review Meeting of the 2011 MDGs Report

AU The overall purpose of the 2011 Report is to provide a rigorous assessment of progress in Africa toward the achievement of the MDGs which will serve as a basis for policy discussion, peer learning, and advocacy as well as provide the impetus for policy decision and action by Africa’s highest political organs and new strategies by member States. The Report will provide a uniquely African perspective on the region’s performance on the MDGs and also serve as a policy document for promoting strong and coordinated action towards achieving the MDGs by 2015.

This report is the fifth in the annual series produced since the ECA Conference of Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in Resolution in Abuja, Nigeria in 2005 mandated ECA to prepare for its consideration an annual report on progress in Africa towards the targets of the MDGs. Subsequently, the AU Assembly of Heads of State at Sirte, Libya in 2005 mandated the AUC and the ECA and AfDB to prepare and present for its consideration, an annual report on progress in Africa toward the MDGs.

These mandates were re-affirmed at subsequent Conferences and Summits. The joint annual publication of the MDG report by the African Union Commission and ECA started in 2008. The African Development Bank collaborated in the production of the report from 2009 onwards. The 2011 Report will be the fourth joint report of the three Pan-African institutions. The UNDP through its Regional Bureau for Africa joined the 2010 Report and will be part of the 2011 Report.

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