Decision on EU military operation in support of humanitarian assistance operations in Libya

EU The Council of the EU adopted today a decision on a European Union military operation in support of humanitarian assistance operations in response to the crisis situation in Libya (“EUFOR Libya” operation).

The decision provides that the EU will, if requested by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), conduct a military operation in the framework of the Common security and defence policy (CSDP) in order to support humanitarian assistance in the region.

More specifically, EUFOR Libya, if requested by the UN, will:
–    contribute to the safe movement and evacuation of displaced persons,
–    support, with specific capabilities, the humanitarian agencies in their activities.

The operation aims to underpin the mandates of UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973 regarding the availability of humanitarian assistance and the protection of civilian populations.

Rear Admiral Claudio GAUDIOSI (Italy) has been appointed EU Operation Commander of EUFOR Libya. The Operational Headquarters (OHQ) of EUFOR Libya will be located in Rome, Italy.

The decision adopted today sets out the legal framework for the future operation. The decision to launch EUFOR Libya will be adopted by the Council following approval of the Operation Plan and the Rules of Engagement.

EUFOR Libya will, unless the Council decides otherwise, terminate no later than four months after reaching initial operating capability. The financial reference amount for the common costs of EUFOR Libya will be EUR 7,9 million.

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