EU gives 3 million euro to 32 Eastern African fisheries projects

The Citizen The European Commission has donated 3 million Euro (Sh6.3 billion) for implementation of about 32 national and regional fisheries projects in Eastern Africa.

The projects, eleven of which will be completed by May this year, are geared at achieving sustainable and equitable management of the fisheries industry in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. The projects are being implemented under the ACP Fish II programme.

The beneficiary countries met in Kisumu last month to review the  progress of project implementation to date and plan for future tasks for the Eastern Africa RegionA statement released yesterday in Dar es Salaam by ACP Fish II Programme Regional manager for Eastern Africa Koane Mindjimbthe said the total funding for the programme is 30 million euro from the European Development Fund (EDF).

The programme has five components which deal with issues such as improved fisheries policy and management plans at regional and national levels; control and enforcement capabilities; national and regional research strategies and initiatives; regulatory framework and private sector investment; and knowledge-sharing on fisheries management and trade at regional level.

“Component one is the cornerstone of the programme as devising sound fisheries policies and management plans, is critical in ensuring the sustainable utilisation of fishery resources and the development of value-added activities in the fisheries sector,” the statement said.

The other components will result from the adoption of sound fisheries management instruments, primarily at national but also at regional level, the statement added. Tanzania is currently receiving support from the programme either singly or alongside other countries of the region through a number of projects for its fisheries sector management and development.

These include, support to preparation of a draft aquaculture policy, regional training on co-management, training for monitoring, control and surveillance on Lake Victoria alongside Kenya and Uganda and action planning for improved regional fish trade for sustainable fisheries management.

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