AU Peace and Security Council briefed on World Development Report 2011

AU The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), at its 274th meeting held on 25 April 2011, was briefed on the World Development Report (WDR) 2011 – Conflict, Security and Development, by Sarah Cliffe, the Special Representative for the WDR 2011. Council also listened to a statement by the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ambassador Ramtane Lamamra, regarding the AU’s contribution to the elaboration of the Report, and the prospects for cooperation between the World Bank and the AU on the follow‐up to the Report’s conclusions.

Council, welcoming the initiative on the WDR 2011 and the wide ranging consultations, including with the AU, that led to its elaboration, took note of the conclusions of the Report, in particular the focus on the links between national institutions and governance, citizen security, justice and jobs in conflict prevention, as well as the need to effectively support of the efforts at structural prevention of the regional organizations and to fully mobilize the international community towards the realization of that objective.

Council noted that the conclusions of the WDR 2011 constitute a contribution to the ongoing efforts by the AU towards the promotion of peace, security and stability, as a prerequisite for sustainable development. In this respect, Council underlined the complementarity that exists between the WDR 2011 conclusions and relevant AU policies, in particular the instruments relating to structural prevention of conflicts, as well as the Policy Framework on Post‐Conflict Reconstruction and Development [EX.CL/Dec.302 (IX)] and the Framework for the Operationalisation of the Continental Early Warning System [EX.CL/Dec.336 (X)] , adopted by the AU Executive Council at its ordinary sessions held in Banjul, The Gambia, and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in June 2006 and January 2007, respectively.

Council encouraged the AU Commission and the World Bank, working, as appropriate, with other international organizations and stakeholders, to cooperate on conflict, security and development linkages, including promotion of national and regional dialogue, structured discussions on situations of risk, cooperation in assessments and planning, staff training exchanges, and practical joint operations at a country and regional level, with emphasis on conflict prevention and post‐conflict reconstruction and development.

In this respect, Council emphasized the need for the AU and the World Bank to develop an implementation plan to follow up on the recommendations of the WDR 2011, and to consult regularly in order to enhance the effectiveness of programs and activities relating to conflict prevention and post‐ conflict reconstruction.

Council requested the Commission, in cooperation with the World Bank, to report, in due course, on the follow‐up to this statement and progress made in the implementation of the identified areas of cooperation with the World Bank, including support to AU efforts in the areas of structural prevention and post‐conflict reconstruction and development.

Access the full text version of the WDR 2011 in various languages here.

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