Newsletter of the EUD to the AUC

Africa and Europe in Partnership The LINK! newsletter nr 14  is produced by the EU Delegation to AUC in Addis Ababa.  It focuses on Youth in Africa,reflecting the central theme of the current African Union summit in Malabo.

Although Youth as such does not constitute a partnership under the Joint Africa – EU strategy, almost all 8 partnerships – starting with the partnership on Mobility, Migration and Employment, the partnership on MDGs, the partnership on Democratic Governance – touch upon key issues for the European and African youth. It is therefore the appropriate framework to address policy issues at political and technical levels.

The Africa EU Youth summit organised in November 2010 in parallel with the 3rd Africa-EU summit illustrates this. However and beyond the Youth summit itself, the dialogue between young people from different parts of the world and cooperation between youth organisations can contribute to the development of ideas, projects, and policies. this dialogue can move the Africa-Europe youth cooperation forward.

It can also have a significant influence on the African and the European youth policy-making at a critical period of time characterized by a global economic recession and acute democratic aspirations in some parts of the world, but more particularly in Northern Africa.

Access the full newsletter here.


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