Three-year Action Programme for the African Peace Facility

EU This Action Programme is the basis for the replenishment and the implementation of the African Peace Facility (APF) under the 10th EDF for the period 2011-2013, in line with the Council Conclusion of 13 May 2011, the GAERC Conclusions of 10-11 April 2006, and pursuant to Article 12 of Council Regulation (EC) No 617/2007 of 14 May 20073 on the implementation of the 10th European Development Fund under the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement.

The Facility is based on the recognition that peace and security are preconditions for sustainable development. As underlined in the EU Council Conclusions on “Security and Development” of November 2007, the nexus between development and security should inform the EU strategies and policies.

The general objective of the APF is to contribute to peace, stability and security in Africa through targeted support to African efforts at the continental and regional level in the area of conflict prevention, management and resolution, and peace building.

The close EU-AU cooperation on peace and security through the APF has become a driving force for the development of a fully-fledged EU-Africa strategic partnership, culminating in the comprehensive Joint Africa-EU Strategy adopted in December 2007 in Lisbon. In the new post- Lisbon strategic context, the African Peace Facility is a major financing tool to support the implementation of the Joint Strategy, the Second Action Plan and in particular the Partnership on Peace and Security.

The APF will focus on addressing peace and security priorities jointly defined in the Partnership, in respect of the underlying principles of the Joint Strategy.

Financial heading: Intra-ACP funds, 10th EDF
Requesting Authority: African Union
Request endorsed by: the ACP-EC Committee of Ambassadors.
Total cost: €300M from the intra-ACP indicative programme reserve in accordance with the GAERC Conclusions of 10-11 April 2006
Legal basis: Article12 of Council Regulation (EC) No 617/2007 of 14 May 2007 on the implementation of the 10th European Development Fund under the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement

The timeframe of this Action Programme corresponds to the timeframe of the second Joint Africa- EU Action Plan. A comprehensive evaluation of the APF Action Programme has been launched early 2011 and will review the overall implementation of the APF and its results, as well as the relevance, impact, effectiveness and efficiency of the APF as an instrument for African efforts to manage conflicts on the continent and provide recommendations for the future.

This Action Programme is based on peace and security priorities and recommendations developed jointly with the African side, following a consultation process involving the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms for conflict prevention, management and resolution (RECs/RMs).

Access the full text of the Action Programme here.

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