ICC – AU joint seminar on the technical aspects of the Rome Statute

AU Following the visits to Addis Ababa of the President of the Assembly of State Parties (23 – 26 January) and of the President of the Court (13 – 15 February), the pressing need for increased professional exchanges with the officials of the African Union Commission and delegations of African states to the African Union became apparent. During their respective meetings with the Chairperson of the AU Commission, the President of ASP and the President of the Court proposed the idea of the organisation of a Seminar in order to facilitate an exchange on the technical aspects of the Rome Statute and the practice of the ICC.

This proposed event would be designed to further develop such an exchange. Its overarching objectives are to improve the participants’ knowledge of the Court’s work, and to generate a practical, objective, and constructive understanding of the ICC.

Specific objectives

1. To map out Africa’s role in the establishment of the Rome Statute system and to discuss means of strengthening its effectiveness and supporting the independence of the ICC.
2. To map out the role of the ICC within the international justice system dedicated to the fight against impunity.
3. To identify the main innovations introduced by the Rome System.
4. To describe the structure of the ICC and the functions of its organs.
5. To explain the jurisdiction of the ICC, and its role in complementing the work of national jurisdictions.
6. To foster understanding of the criteria of selection of situations and cases before the ICC.
7. To explore the relationship between justice and peace and to describe the role of international and regional organisations in fulfilling these two objectives.
8. To lay the ground for developing a permanent system of exchange and communication between the ICC and the African Union, as well as other relevant stakeholders.


1. Approximately 20 participants from the African Union Commission and 20 legal advisors from delegations of African states to the African Union.
2. The Coordinator of the African Group of States Parties at the United Nations, New York,
3. ICC officials
4. Donors contributing to the seminar (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, EU Delegation to the African Union and the Embassy of Austria in Addis Ababa).

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