The Africa-EU Energy Partnership Forum

EUEI-PDF An Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) Forum with stakeholders from the private sector, NGOs and research institutions, has long been an objective of the AEEP. So far, the AEEP has focused largely on government level activities. However, such a forum has now come a step closer, with a possible starting date in early 2012.

The aim of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership Forum is to achieve progress on the AEEP 2020 Political Targets by actively involving the European and African private sector, NGOs and research institutions in the partnership. The Forum will be an opportunity to bring together all relevant stakeholder groups including financial institutions to jointly explore the potential of implementing “actions on the ground” and to discuss and communicate key issues as well as recommendations to political decision-makers. Another achievement of the Forum will be the final decision on the focal points of the respective stakeholder groups and the development of a mechanism that allows involving the three stakeholder groups in the workings of the AEEP on a regular basis.

After initial consultation meetings with the European focal points ARE (Alliance for Rural Electrification), JRC (Joint Research Centre), and Practical Action, the next step towards the organisation of a successful Forum is a meeting with selected African and European stakeholder representatives and the Co-Chairs of the Partnership.

This meeting, which took place in Vienna on 20th June,  addressed which topics the Forum will handle as well as the further process. Additional stakeholders from both continents can give their comments over the next months. For more information please contact

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