EU implements latest UN decisions in support of Libya

Council of the European Union The Council today adopted a set of measures designed to help the Libyan economy recover after the civil war and to assist the UN support mission to that country. These decisions implement UN Security Council resolution 2009 (2011) of 16 September.

The Council permitted previously frozen funds to be released for humanitarian and civilian needs, to support renewed activity in the Libyan oil and banking sectors and to assist with building a civilian government. This concerns assets held by the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Investment Authority, the Libyan Foreign Bank and Libya Africa Investment Portfolio. Finally, the Council lifted the asset freeze on two further companies in the oil sector.

The Council also lifted the interdiction on Libyan aircraft to use airports in Europe and European airspace.

The Council already lifted the EU’s asset freeze on Afriqiyah Airways on 15 September. On 1 September, it agreed the release of funds held within the EU by 28 additional Libyan entities.

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