The EC-ACP Capacity Building Program on Multi Lateral Environmental Agreements

AU The EC-ACP Capacity Building Project on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (commonly referred to as the MEAs Project) at the AUC is an EU-funded, UNEP coordinated project with main objectives to strengthen and enhance the capacity of Africa to effectively implement MEAs thereby contributing to sustainable development and poverty reduction on the continent.

As part of its activities, the MEAs Project in collaboration with UNEP and the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) conducted a training workshop for African negotiators on the UNCCD in Algiers, Algeria, from the 10-11 September 2011. The objective of the training was to improve and strengthen the existing framework of African negotiations on the UNCCD Convention, to strengthen their negotiation capacities to speak from a common platform, and to better prepare them for future negotiations so that Africa’s interests would be better defended during the upcoming and other UNCCD COPs.

From the 15-16 September 2011, the MEAs Project in collaboration with UNEP also held another training workshop for African negotiators on the INC for Mercury in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The objective of this training was to assist African Mercury negotiators to adequately prepare for future INCs to ensure that the needs of Africa are taken on board in the final instrument and that the interests of Africa are adequately addressed. The training also served to sensitize Government representatives present at the workshop on the importance and necessity of negotiating a legally binding instrument on Mercury in view of the risks faced by Africans coupled with their low awareness towards this toxic substance.

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