Transparency of Chinese Aid – An analysis of the published information on Chinese external financial flows

Centre   for   Chinese   Studies   at   Stellenbosch   University   and Publish  What  You  Fund There   are   many   myths   and   misconceptions   about   the   level   of   information   publically   available   on Chinese efforts and activities in the developing world. With the growing momentum around ‘aid transparency’  the  Third  High  Level  Forum  on  aid  effectiveness  (HLF-­‐3)  in  Accra  in  2008,  and  the   preparations  for  HLF-‐4  being  held  in  Busan  later  this  year this paper on China’s aid information was commissioned   to   provide   a   firmer   footing   for   the   discussions   going   forward.   The   purpose   of   this   paper,   therefore,   is   to   map   and   assess   the   levels   of   aid   information   made   available   across   Chinese   agencies   that   engage   in   various   forms   of   international   cooperation.   The   paper   explores   opportunities   to   improve   publicly   available   information   on   Chinese   foreign   assistance   and   how   to   ensure  comparability  with  other  donors.

The   paper   is   jointly   published   by   the   Centre   for   Chinese   Studies   at   Stellenbosch   University   and Publish  What  You  Fund,  the  global  campaign  for  aid  transparency.

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