Workshop on strategy for large regional hydropower projects development in Africa

Africa and Europe in Partnership The workshop on Strategy for larger Regional hydropower projects development in Africa will be held on 3-4 November, 2011 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). The expected result of the workshop is a revised and endorsed Strategy Paper, which will be later submitted to the evaluation of the AU political Authorities for possible approval. The workshop will be attended by representatives from the AU Specialised Institutions (AFREC, AFSEC, NEPAD) , Regional and Economic Communities (RECs), The European Union, International Financial Institutions (AfDB, EIB, WB/IFC) River basin authorities, countries potentially large exporters or importers of hydroelectricity, bilateral partners and private investors.

The main objective of the workshop is to dispose of a continental strategy for the development of regional hydropower projects, legitimated by the African stakeholders.

In particular, Regional Economic Communities along with the relevant Power Pools are invited to provide their comments and their vision of the tools to be adopted for a fast regional hydropower projects development.

Moreover, given the increasing role that private investors will play, the workshop will be an opportunity for gathering the views of some of them, of International Financial Institutions and of bilateral and multilateral partners, as well.


In 2009, at the African Union Summit of Heads of States and Governments, it has been launched the Hydropower 2020 Initiative, whose objective is to favour a positive dynamics for developing the large regional hydropower projects.

Within the Infrastructures Partnership, the European Union is financing a Technical Assistance to the African Union Commission/Infrastructures and Energy Department (AUC/DIE): “African Energy Policy (Hydropower 2020), Capacity Building and Development Strategy for the Hydropower Inga Site”.

To implement this project, the AUC use the services of the « Mercados-EMI/SOFRECO » Consortium.

One of the scheduled activities is the preparation of strategy for developing the large regional hydropower projects.

Presently, the AUC has already elaborated a draft version of the strategy, whose main elements are the analysis of existing obstacles to a quick development of the large regional hydropower projects and a proposal of a set of recommendations to eliminate or mitigate the problems. Recommendations are structured according to the level of responsibility (Country, Regional organisation, African Union) and their importance.

The Strategy Paper is structured as follows:

Objectives and methodology
Vision et policies
Definition a regional hydropower project
Obstacles to the projects development;
Solution or mitigation measures
Development Strategy
Road Map

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