Partnership on Climate Change and Environment – 13th Africa EU Joint Task Force Meeting

AU/EU A coordination meeting between the African and European co-chairs of the partnership, AUC, FAO (for 1st item) and the European Commission, provided the following update on the partnership activities:

  • Outcome of Great Green Wall Steering Committee meeting, AA, 26-27/9 launching EU project to support AUC (13 African countries covered in total with FAO) (see separate summary).
  • Durban/Joint Declaration – cannot discuss this in this group, needs for EU and African Group of Negotiators to meet and agree. Meeting in of UNFCCC in Panama for one week, starting this w/e.
  • Biodiversity Conference for African States, March 2012, AA or Nairobi (with DG ENV funding as discussed at this am VC’s) to present outcomes and recommendation of the TEEB study (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) to African States. Discussions on-going with UNEP, AUC, EUAU, DG ENV & UNEP to prepare conference & ensure synergy with Natural Resources Accounting Initiative of the AUC.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction– proposal for !70M to support African strategy implementation in DEVCO Intra-ACP unit’s hands. Dialogue with AUC, EUAU, DEVCO, ECHO, UNiSDR& WFP.
  • Rio + 20: agreed on need to work together to prepare for the next landmark: June 2012 Rio de Janeiro Global Conference on Sustainable development and Green growth.

Next JEG may take place either in the margin of Durban or in early 2012, in order to benefit from Durban outcomes and progress on various concrete Partnership Action plan initiatives e.g. GGW, AMESD & DRR.

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