Africa Trade Forum 2011

AU On November 22-24, the African Trade Forum 2011 – ‘Accelerating Intra-African Trade and Enhancing Africa’s participation in Global Trade’ took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The strategic objective of the inaugural Africa Trade Forum, ATF 2011 is to promote and enhance multi-stakeholder policy dialogue and advocacy on trade issues in Africa, by mobilising all the different trade constituencies across Africa and the world in general, to debate and exchange views on all the key issues relating to intra-African trade, and Africa’s trade with the rest of the world. It is envisaged that in subsequent years, the ATF will focus on specific issues which would already have been introduced in the inaugural Forum. The various stakeholders include policy makers and high level government officials, private sector operators (large corporate, small and medium scale entrepreneurs), civil society, parliamentarians, academia and researchers, RECs, corridor management institutions, export promotion agencies, development partners, gender advocates and the media.

The specific objectives of the Forum are to:

1. Review key challenges and opportunities in accelerating intra-African trade and enhancing Africa’s participation in global trade.
2. Deliberate and agree on common approaches and implementation strategies to address key challenges and develop a comprehensive agenda on how trade can be used to stimulate and sustain growth in Africa.
3. Share experiences and best practices amongst various trade constituencies on enhancing trade performance in Africa.
4. Explore new and innovative ideas on addressing emerging issues such as trade and HIV/AIDS; trade and climate change.
5. Discuss and agree on specific inputs into the WTO Ministerial Conference scheduled for December 2011, in particular, how trade agreements could help in achieving the MDGs.
6. Discuss and agree on specific inputs into the African Ministerial Conference on Trade, as well as the African Union Heads of States Summit scheduled for January 2012, on the theme “Boosting Intra-African Trade”. This shall include but not be limited to a discussion on the establishment of a continental FTA and the African Common Market.

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