COP-17 side event: ‘Africa-EU scientific and technological cooperation in the field of climate change’

European Commission An event entitled ‘COP-17 side event: Africa-EU scientific and technological cooperation in the field of climate change’ will take place on 28 November 2011 in Durban, South-Africa.

Adapting to and mitigating climate change is now recognised as major challenges for the world community. Enough evidence has been gathered to justify policy action on climate change, but knowledge needs to progress further on the understanding of the climate system, on the evaluation of the impacts and on the identification and assessment of options for mitigation and adaptation. The conference will focus on successful EU-Africa scientific cooperation in the field of climate change, focusing on best practices, challenges and opportunities for development of capacities for climate change research in Africa. Discussion will look into on capacity needed in areas such as climate predictions scenarios, climate change impacts on health, agriculture and ecosystems.

The event will bring together panel discussion involving representatives of the European Commission, EU Member, States, European and African researchers, UN agencies and other stakeholders. Specific questions will be addressed during the conference such as:
– what role can international scientific cooperation play in building capacity research and development in Africa?;
– EU-Africa Partnership on climate change – key areas for cooperation, collaboration opportunities and research gaps?;
– what are the ‘best practices’ for successful capacity development in the field of research and what possibilities exist for disseminating them?;
– how do we ensure that research in Africa is able to influence policy making?

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