The EC proposes a Pan-African Programme within the new financial perspective

EC On December 7 the European Commission published the “Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a financing instrument for development cooperation”. Regarding the Pan-African component, the regulation sets out the following:

Article 9 (Pan-African Programme) describes the Pan-African Programme that is being set up to implement the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES). The programme will be complementary and coherent with other financial instruments, notably the ENI, the EDF and the thematic programmes under DCI. While ENI and EDF focus on interventions at the regional or national level in Africa, the Pan-African programme shall be used to provide specific support for the objectives of the JAES, supporting in particular activities of trans- regional, continental and trans-continental nature, as well as relevant JAES initiatives in the global arena. The Pan-African Programme will work in close cooperation/concertation with other instruments, and will concentrate on specific initiatives agreed in the framework of JAES and its Action Plans for which no alternative source of funding can be mobilised, thus ensuring the necessary coherence and synergy and preventing duplications and overlappings.

Article 9
Pan-African programme
1.    Union assistance shall support the implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, and in particular its successive Action plans, to cover activities of a trans-regional, continental or global nature.
The Pan-African programme will further promote complementarity and consistency with other financial instruments of the Union’s external action, notably the European Development Fund and the European Neighbourhood Instrument.
2.    Detailed areas of cooperation to be pursued by Union assistance under this Article are set out in Annex VI.
3.    The multiannual indicative programme for the Pan-African programme shall be drawn up on the basis of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and its Action plans.

The Pan-African programme shall support the objectives and general principles of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, in particular:
(a)    provide support for the objectives, initiatives and activities agreed in the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and its successive action plans, which cover inter alia the areas of: peace and security, democratic governance and human rights, trade, regional integration and infrastructure (including transport), MDGs, energy, climate change and environment, migration, mobility and employment, science, information society and space, as well as its cross-cutting issues.
(b)    provide support to other relevant initiatives and activities agreed through the working arrangements established under the Joint Strategy;
(c)    apply the principle of ‘treating Africa as one’, and promote coherence between regional and continental levels, focusing in particular on activities of a cross-regional, continental or global nature, and support joint Africa-EU initiatives in the global arena.

The full report is available here.

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