College-to-College (C2C) Meetings

These meetings are intended to intensify the partnership between the African Union and European Commissions and are held once a year. There have been three C2Cs to date: in Brussels in 2005, in Addis Ababa in 2006, and again in Brussels in 2008. No C2C meeting was organized in 2007, because of the Lisbon Summit in December 2007.

The main objectives of the C2C are: to direct and develop an Africa-EU political agenda, to strengthen political and technical cooperation between the executives on the two continents, and finally, to monitor the implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and its first Action Plan. One of the advantages of the C2C is that it encourages very different parts of the European Commission (extending well beyond the RELEX family to DG Budget and DG Admin, for example) to work together with the AUC.

The main aim of the last C2C meeting held in Brussels on 1 October 2008 was to push the agenda of the JAES and discuss the implementation process in detail with the African Union Commission (AUC). The second aim of the meeting was to discuss bilateral cooperation between the European Commission and the AUC. All eight partnerships were debated and proposals and joint initiatives were agreed for each of them. The meeting resulted in an EC Communication entitled ‘One year after Lisbon: The Africa-EU Partnership at work’ which describes the role to be played by each of the actors and presents the first deliverables for all eight partnerships for 2009-2010. This meeting also gave the two Commissions an opportunity to exchange views on various issues, especially with regard to the JAES.

The next C2C meeting will only take place next year 2010 as it coincides with the nomination of the new European Commission in November 2009.

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