15th African Union Summit: No Woman Should Die While Giving Life

July 19, 2010

African Union The 15th Ordinary Session of the Summit of the African Union (AU) will be held in Kampala, Uganda from today to 27 July, under the theme “Maternal, Infant and Child Health and Development in Africa”. In an interview with New African, the AU Commissioner for Social Affairs, Bience Gawanas, explains why this theme was chosen and its significance, bearing in mind there are just five years to go before the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) deadline. Read the rest of this entry »


November 30, 2009

The African Union Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa held their First Forum for Strategic Partners Dialogue on the 1st until the 3rd of December 2009 in Addis Ababa.

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ISS Report: The proposed AU Authority: Hybridisation, balancing intergovernmentalism and supranationalism

November 18, 2009

This ISS paper is a contribution to the ongoing reflection on the proposed AU Authority. It contends that while the AU Commission might have failed to deliver in certain areas, the reasons for non-delivery are a combination of technical and political constraints.
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Malawi President to Take over as AU Chairman

November 5, 2009

According to Allafrica, Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika is likely to take over African Union chairmanship from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi next January, African Union sources have said.
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Conference on AU Priorities in Libya

November 5, 2009

According to AU Monitor, The International Conference on ‘priorities of the African Union (AU)’ started Saturday evening in Sabha (800km south of Tripoli), with the participation of several lecturers, researchers and academics from the Universities of Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Great Britain and the United States.
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Leaders to Strengthen African Court

November 4, 2009

According to AU Monitor, African Union (AU) member states will only refer cases to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a last resort when the African Court of Justice is established with criminal jurisdiction.
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The 11th AU Summit: summary of the conclusions

July 7, 2008

The 11th African Union Summit has officially ended on the 1st of July in Egypt with some new conlusions on  Zimbabwe, the AU Government and the AU Audit.
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