Namibia takes over SADC chair

August 19, 2010

The Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba has taken over the chairmanship of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) for the next 12 months as the 15-member bloc looks back on 30 years of existence while political hot spots like Zimbabwe Read the rest of this entry »

Successful Human Rights Dialogue between the EU and the African Union

November 23, 2009

The fifth successful round of the AU-EU Human Rights Dialogue shows that the Dialogue has become a valuable and useful part of the AU and EU cooperation in the human rights area, and brings about concrete common conclusions, recommendations and commitments. The open and constructive discussions held demonstrate that the dialogue has reached maturity and allows exchange on a wide range of human rights issues of interest to the two parties. The Joint dilague took place on the 20th of November 2009 in Addis Ababa.

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Good governance: Borrowing from EU for AU

July 16, 2008

Europe often sets the pace. That includes economics and politics. It’s continental union, the EU, didn’t start out with the latter in the closing years of the 1950s. It did with the former, says Tunji Ajibade.
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AfriMAP call for papers on governance

October 2, 2007

AfriMAP (Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocay Project) invites submission of papers on the proposed Joint EU-Africa Strategy, in particular about the focus on governance and human rights within the strategy. See their website for more information.

Submission Deadline: 30 November 2007
E-mail to:

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‘The European Union in Africa: The Linkage between Security, Governance and Development from an Institutional Perspective’

September 25, 2007

In this paper Niagalé Bagoyoko and Marie V. Gibert from the Institue of Devlopment Studies discusses how the European Union’s agenda in Africa has progressively integrated governance and security elements. This paper argues that this agenda is at least as much determined by the bureaucratic and national affiliations of the concerned EU actors as it is by African realities and international trends. African security indeed triggers a competition between the different European institutions, eager to be the driving force for a policy that can offer some additional resources and autonomy.

Download the paper – pdf

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Contribution by AfriMAP

April 26, 2007

AfriMAP, the Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project, have submitted a contribution focusing specifically on the implementation of European governance policies in relation to Africa. The analysis and recommendations in relation to EU policy in this area are based on the experience of AfriMAP, the Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project established by the Open Society Institute’s network of African foundations, in reporting on governance issues in Africa.

    The European Commission must therefore grasp the opportunity presented by a review of the governance profile approach that we understand is proposed for 2008 :
    – to listen to the views of governance experts from European and African civil society organisations, as well as member states and African governments, and adapt its governance approach accordingly;
    – to move away from an approach in the governance profiles that is overly reliant on a quantitative and mechanistic ‘score card’, towards a more qualitative approach that can inform intelligent programming of development assistance.

Download contribution in full – pdf

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Contribution by Amnesty International

April 17, 2007

Amnesty International EU Office have sent a cotnribution focusing on human rights and calling for human rights concepts to be integrated into all parts of the EU-Africa partnership.

    “The EU – while not without its own challenges in ensuring consistent respect of human rights within its own borders – should place a strong emphasis on the development of an EU-AU Africa strategy on the interlinking aspects of security, development, and human rights.”

Download the contribution in full – pdf

See contributions by other organisations here.

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