EARN/CEEI International conference on ‘Emerging actors in Africa: Impact and opportunities for EU-Africa and global relations’

23-24 April 2012: Maputo, Mozambique

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To discuss the impact of the increasing presence of emerging actors in Africa (e.g. on economic and political governance, national development, domestic accountability, regional integration processes), on EU-Africa relations and, more widely, on global relations.
  • Devising risks and opportunities that arise from changes brought by the presence and operating modes of emerging global actors.

Read the full concept note here.

Conference agenda in English and in Portuguese.

Speakers’ short biographies.

Conference report (PDF version)

Conference speeches, papers and presentations

Opening session

  • Henrique Banze, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mozambique: English – Portuguese
  • Agostinho Zacarias, UNDP Resident Representative, South Africa: English – Portuguese

First session

  • António Pedro, Director UNECA, Rwanda: English
  • Martyn Davies, CEO Frontier Advisory: English
  • Ana Cristina Alves, Senior Researcher SAIIA: English – Portuguese
  • Nelson Ocuano, Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), Mozambique: English – Portuguese

Second session

Third session

  • Barbara Mossem, CEO Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative, Mozambique: English
  • Hannah Edinger, Head of Research and Strategy Frontier Advisory: English

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