Action Plan on Energy
The Africa-EU Energy Partnership is a long-term framework for a more structured political dialogue and cooperation on energy issues of strategic importance to Africa and Europe, in particular energy security and energy access. Through the Partnership, Africa and Europe will develop a shared vision and a common approach to address today’s rapidly changing geopolitical, economic and ecological reality. Together, the EU and Africa will address the energy challenges of the 21st century.

Early deliverables for the Energy Partnership
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Roadmap for the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP)
The Energy Partnership will strengthen the existing Africa-EU dialogue on access to energy and energy security, at the local, national, regional, continental and global levels. The AEEP aims at mobilising increased financial, technical and human resources in support of Africa’s energy development, scaling up European and African investments in energy infrastructure and in energy interconnections within Africa and between Africa and the EU. AEEP actions include promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, improving the management of energy resources, and mainstreaming climate change into development cooperation.

During the 12th Africa-EU Ministerial Troika, the draft joint roadmap presented the current situation and objectives for energy in Africa and Europe and current efforts being made as a basis to highlight the gaps between actions and objectives. The roadmap specifies the priority actions for the short, medium and long term, such as mobilising additional resources and support for access to energy services, regional integration of energy systems and markets, developing energy interconnections between Africa and Europe among others.
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EU Member States Implementation Teams
Coordinating MS Country: Austria and Germany
Interested EU MS Countries: France, Italy, UK, Czech Republic

AU Member States Implementation Teams
Leading AU MS Countries (Chef de file):
Interested AU MS Countries: Uganda, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Gabon, Egypt, Algeria, Benin, South Africa, Cameroon,Ghana, Togo, Mauritius, Niger
Chair of Expert Group Meeting: Mauritius

Civil Society Representative
Karim Harris, Climate Action Network

Key Documents

  • Conclusion of the 3rd meeting of the informal Joint Expert Group on AEEP, 24/02/10
  • 2nd African-EU Joint Experts Group meeting conclusions: on AEEP, 19/06/09
  • Speech Koen Vervaeke- Geothermal Energy Workshop – Addis Ababa 08-06-09
  • Finalised Joint Roadmap for the Energy Partnership for the implementation of the 1st Action Plan (2008-2010) of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, 19 June 2009
  • The role of Civil Society and Private Sector
  • The politics of energy, September 2008/FRIDE – pdf
  • Energy and Development: lessons from Nigeria, September 2008/FRIDE – pdf
  • Energy: a reinforced obstacle to democracy? July 2008/FRIDE – pdf
  • African Union Commission and European Commission launch an ambitious Africa-EU Energy Partnership (September 2008) – pdf
  • EU Official Fiche: The Africa-EU Energy Partnership – From policy to implementation (2008 ) – pdf
  • EU Official Fiche: The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (2008 ) – pdf
  • EU official Fiche: The international policy dialogue – Energy – a crosscutting theme
    in EU development policies (2008 ) – pdf
  • EU Official Fiche: Addressing the energy challenges of the 21st century together (2008 ) – pdf
  • Commission Staff Working Paper SEC(2008 ) 434/2: Policy Coherence for Development Climate Change/Energy/Biofuels, Migration and Research (April, 2008 ) – pdf
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