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EU&AU Events on the Implementation since January 2008

04/02/2008First AU-EU Joint Expert Meeting on the implementation of the Joint Strategy (Ethiopia, Addis)

3-5/03/2008CSO Consultation on the Implementation Phase of Africa-EU Strategic Partnership by the AUC, Bamako (Mali, Bamako)

10/03/2008Seminar on Civil Society Involvement in the Joint Africa-EU Strategy implementation and monitoring in Brussels (Belgium, Brussels)

19-20/03/2008First AU Regional consultative meeting on the Implementation of the First Action Plan of the Africa/EU Strategy (Burkina Faso)

02/04/2008Meeting on Europe-Africa Research Network (EARN) on the 2nd of April in Brussels (Belgium, Brussels)

14-15/04/2008 Lesotho Hosts Second AU Consultative Meeting on the Implementation of the First Action Plan of the Africa-EU Joint Strategy (Lesotho, Maseru)

15-18/04/2008Preparation for AUC/EC joint Task force Meeting (Ethiopia, Addis)

13-14/05/2008 EP ad-hoc delegation to the Pan African Parliament (South Africa)

06/06/2008Implementing the 8th Partnership of the Joint EU-Africa Strategy through an enhanced Policy Dialogue between the Members of the European Union and the African Union (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

05/06/2008Africa-EU Dialogue Follow-up Committee Meeting (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

16/09/2008 10th Africa-EU Ministerial Troika (Brussels, Belgium)

01/10/20084th College-to-College Meeting between the European Commission and the African Union Commisson (Brussels, Belgium)

20/11/08 – 21/11/0811th Africa-EU Ministerial Troika meeting (Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania)

28/04/2009 – 12th Africa-EU Ministerial Troika meeting (Luxembourg)

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