Governance and Human Rights

Action Plan on Governance and Human Rights
Democratic Governance and Human Rights are key for sustainable development and for cooperation between partners, and are an integral part of both the EU’s and the AU’s core values. The Africa-EU Partnership on Democratic Governance and Human Rights will enable a comprehensive continent-to-continent dialogue and cooperation on aspects and concepts such as local capacity strengthening, the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, democratic principles, the rule of law and equitable access to legal systems, management of natural resources, the fight against corruption and fraud, accountable management of public funds, institutional development and reform, global governance, and security sector reform.

Deliverables for this partnership
The current EC staff working documents points out various early deliverables for the governance and human rights partnership.
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EU Member States Implementation Teams
Coordinator of this partnership: Germany
EU MS Countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and Czech Republic

AU Member States Implementation Teams
Leading AU MS Countries (Chef de file): Zambia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso
Interested AU MS Countries: Zambia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, Burundi, Algeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe,Ghana, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire
Chair of Expert Group: Egypt

Civil Society Representative for this partnership
Susi Dennison, Amnesty International/ HRDN

Key Documents

  • Action Plan on Governance and Human Rights (Dec. 2007) – pdf
  • Recommendations from the 1st Africa-EU Civil Society Human Rights Seminar was held in Brussels on 16-17 April 2009
  • The Roadmap for this partnership (adapted from original document presented at the 12th Africa-EU Ministerial Troika, Luxembourg, 28 April 2009)
  • Publication from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung on the Joint Africa-EU partnership on democratic governance and human rights – pdf
  • Events

  • KAS and HSS Conference on the Joint Africa-EU Partnership on Democratic Governance and Human Rights, Brussels, Belgium (28th – 29th October 2008) – html
  • Supporting African governance: the donor’s dilemma (Brussels, Belgium)

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