Migration, Mobility, Employment

Action Plan on Migration, Mobility and Employment
The Africa-EU Partnership on Migration, Mobility and Employment will provide holistic responses to these various issues in the interest of both partners, with the particular objectives to create more and better jobs for Africa and to better manage migration flows. This partnership will ensure that better-managed migration and employment issues become an essential part of poverty reduction strategies or other national development and co-development strategies of African countries. The partnership will ensure that migration and employment works for sustainable development and that all relevant international agreements and declarations are implemented.

EU Member States Implementation Teams
Leading EU MS Country: Spain
Interested EU MS Countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Portugal, France, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, European Commission, General Secretariat Council, Cyprus, Sweden

AU Member States Implementation Teams
Leading AU MS Countries (Chef de File): Senegal, Burkina Faso
Interested AU MS Countries: Senegal, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Algeria, Republic of Guinea, South Africa,Morocco,Zimbabwe, Togo,Mali, Cote d’Ivoire
Chair of Expert Group: Libya

Key Documents

  • Final Report and Presentations from the EU-AU-IOM-UNITAR Workshop on Migration, Mobility and Employment Partnership, 4 June 2009 – pdf
  • The EU, the African diaspora in Europe and its impact on democracy building in Africa – pdf
  • The role of African Diaspora in JAES Implementation
  • Official Africa-EU Presentation on Migration and Development – ppt
  • EU Communication on Trans-European and African Transports Infrastructure
  • Council Conclusions on enhancing the Global Approach to Migration – (5-6 June 2008 ) – pdf
  • The Security- Migration Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities of African Migration to EU Countries, Bonn International Centre for Conversion (BICC), Brief No. 36, Editors: J. Sommer, A. Warnecke (July 2007) – pdf
  • Action Plan on Migration, Mobility, and Employment – (Dec. 2007) – pdf
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