Africa On The Road To Development

It is a fact that the infrastructure deficit reduces the economic growth of the African continent by 2% annually. The figures are very alarming: only 34% of the population had adequate road access, 70% lacked electricity and only 6% of the population can enjoy the internet and its free porn videos.

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Draft Council Conclusions on Mobility Partnerships as a tool of the Global Approach to Migration

The Presidency submitted the draft Conclusions on Mobility Partnerships as a tool of the Global Approach to Migration. Their objective is, taking into account the experience of the pilot Mobility Partnerships, to confirm the value of this cooperation instrument, which addresses the three components of the Global Approach (legal migration, illegal migration, migration and development) and to set criteria for the identification of third-countries with which the European Union could conclude new Mobility Partnerships.

JAES – Africa’s emerging global partnerships. Their implications for the continent’s development aspirations

Important changes have been occurring in the ill-defined area of partnership in Africa, mainly in the context of the African Union’s quest for development as well as peace and security on the continent. The purpose of this ISS paper is to identify and describe the implication of these partnerships, as well as their long-term development objectives and, subsequently, to evaluate their relevance to the present economic conditions of African countries.

Policy Coherence for Development: draft Council Conclusions on Migration for Development

The Presidency submitted the above draft Conclusions on Migration for Development, in relation with the issue of the Policy Coherence for Development. The objective of the draft Conclusions is to identify a number of challenges relating to Policy Coherence for Development (PCD), to be addressed by the Commission and the Member States.
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European Commission / African Union Sign Agreement on implementation of EC-AUC Action Plan for Exchange of officials and Administrative Cooperation (2010) November 20, 2009

According to the official AU side, a high level visit took place at the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa on 5th and 6th November 2009, between the European Commission (EC) and the African Union Commission (AUC).

Development Aid: Karel De Gucht calls on all EU Member States to ‘work together’ to ensure billions of euros in aid doesn’t get wasted

European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Karel De Gucht, will today call upon EU Member States to work better together to ensure that more than 3 billion euros of aid can avoid being wasted every year. A European approach to development aid could bring massive ’savings’, he’ll warn, through more effective management of aid policy, actions and projects – savings which must then be reinvested in better development.